Accountants and Tax Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping:

We design a bookkeeping system that you are comfortable vvith, meets your particular needs, and budget. You can engage us on a “as needed” or full-time basis- monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Tax Planning & Preparation:

We don’t just prepare your tax returns, vve make sure that you take full advantage of all tax benefits. Tax planning should be done monthly, and certainly before most business decisions are made.

Financial Statements:

We can prepare a standard or formal balance sheet and income statement for your special needs- even if you are not a monthly client.

Payroll Services:

We can service any phase of your payroll accounting or vve can service all of it- from figuring your payroll to printing the checks.

Business Valuation:

We can help determine the value of your business for use in selling your business, divorce, or estate tax purposes.

Complete Business Review:

In-depth study of your business aimed at saving you money or turning things around. Think of it as a complete
physical exam for your business.

Management Advisory Services:

Sometimes you may have the need to sit and share with an unbiased, disinterested, third party to bounce some ideas
around or just discuss your business in general. Let’s have a cup of coffee and talk privately.

Financial Planning:

We offer comprehensive financial planning: Children Education Planning, Asset Allocation Recommendations,
Income Tax Minimization Plans, Retirement Planning, Estate Tax Planning, and Final Expense Planning.

Productivity & Profitability:

A study of your business operations will enable us to make suggestions that could help increase your productivity
and profits.

Insurance Audit Assistance:

When you are notified of an insurance audit, vve can prepare the annual reports before the agent arrives to help assure that you pay only vvhat is due.

New Business Startups:

Our technical assistance can help you from “thought to reality” in getting a nevv business off the ground in an orderly manner. We can advise and help implement computer, office, and accounting systems: proformas, budgets, bank loans, business plans, and more.

Representation Services:

We can represent you in tax audits, appeals, and tax liens by city, parish, state, and federal agencies. You do not meet with them- we do.

Feasibility Justification Studies:

If you are opening a new business, expanding an existing one, or adding a new product line, then engage us to complete a feasibility study. Our report vvill enable you to “run the numbers” on paper before making the investment. Our study can also be used to help support loan applications.

Business Loan Proposals:

T0 help assure approval of that needed loan, engage us to prepare a professional loan package for your business or personal needs. We specialize in federal and state loan proposals such as SBA.

Sale of Business or Assets:

Thinking of selling your business? Give us a call, vve offer a full range of services to help you sell your business and design a tax plan to maximize your income tax savings. Our services range from consulting, to valuing the business, to negotiating the sale and asking price and structuring the sale to maximize income tax savings.

Notarial Legal Services:

The Louisiana Notary-a Civil Law Notary-has broad powers usually reserved for attorneys in other states, and can draft, prepare and execute affidavits, acknowledgements and authentic Acts including but not limited to: Acts
affecting both movable and immovable property, such as Security Agreements, Mortgages, Acts of Sale, or Exchange, Bond-for-Deed, Acts of Adoption, Guarantee Letters, Mandates (Power of Attorney), Affidavits of Heirship, Small Succession, Wills, Trusts, Real Estate Transfers and Related Acts, Partitions of Property, Incorporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnership Agreements, Matrimonial Agreements, Public Inventories,
Contracts- generally any instrument of writing.

Medicare Planning:

If you or a loved one is turning 65 soon, it’s important to learn what to do for Medicare coverage. Many remain unsure of the benefits and details of Medicare coverage, and what the procedure is for enrolling. Enrollment in medicare is not automatic, you have to elect to become a beneficiary. Let us help you navigate the murky medicare waters.

Medicaid Planning:

Without proper planning, some individuals do not become qualified for Medicaid or maintain their eligibility. If that occurs, the resident may not receive necessary services, or the nursing homes may not be paid for their services. Let us help you maintain your Medicaid and your peace of mind.

Estate Tax Planning:

Most people don’t like to think about death, much less plan for it. And since there is no legal requirement to do estate planning, many of us put it off. Yet the truth is that investing a little time in estate planning can pay off in lower taxes and administrative costs, increased financial security for your loved ones, and best of all, your own peace of mind.


Marketing is possibly the most important activity a business can partake in. It is the one activity that most directly affects the amount of recognition and sales that a company gets and this determines the level of profitability. We ensure that your business receives the best exposure possible.

Non-Profit Formation:

We can help you with many of your needed charity startup solutions, so you can focus on implementing your
seryices, raising money and doing what you feel passionate about. Let us ensure your non-profit starts on the right

Strategic Income Tax Planning:

There are many tax “preparers” who are great at telling you what you owe. A strategic tax “Planner” tells you how much you can saye. The difference in approach saves you thousands, possibly millions of dollars in taxes. Unless we can save you money, you do not owe a penny for this service. Take advantage of this free offer and let us show you the difference between preparers and planners.

Leasing vs. Purchasing:

Trying to decide to lease or purchase; giye us a call and let us help you make the right decision by running some numbers and taking a look at the facts and circumstances with you.

Mergers & Acquisitions:

We offer a full line of services relating to the merger or acquisition of businesses.


In the life of a business sometimes it is advantageous to reorganize the type of entity you are operating under for tax purposes; like in the case of reorganizing to become taxed as a Limited Liability Company so as to avoid the State Franchise Taxes on your real estate holdings or taxable franchise base. We perform this service.

Business Continuation Planning:

A partner can die, retire, become disabled decide to sell out or become a problem. We offer a full line of services and planning for the departure of a partner for any reason. Now is the time to implement a plan, which can help assure that the business can continue in the event of a planned or unplanned departure of a partner.

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